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PENRITH,Heart of Cumbria England.


DSCN1035.JPGe6513290-dec7-11e9-8778-0d88a9356891.JPGf671ebb0-dec7-11e9-8778-0d88a9356891.JPGlarge_DSCN1050.JPG Penrith Clock Tower.----------------------Good weather encourages me to take a day trip,so i decided to travel from my home city of York to Penrith in Cumbria. I travel by public transport so, i travelled by train via Newcastle and Carlisle, 3 trains to Penrith. The journey was worth the effort. I have not been to Penrith before , pleased i came. Penrith claims to be the "Heart of Cumbria" is to the east of the Lake District. 17 miles from Carlisle, and 50 miles from Newcastle. I arrived at the small station of Penrith North Lakes which is on the West Coast Main line. Opposite the front of the station is the ruin of Penrith castle. It was built between 1399 and 1470 as a defence against the Scots. King Richard 111 lived here 1452 -1485. Today the ruin is maintained by English Heritage.The grounds are a public park. On a map near the station is says a 6 minute walk to town centre ( Me 20 minutes ). The centre is historic, small and compact. The Market Square and Devonshire Street house the Clock Tower which is Grade 2 listed,built in 1861 in Grey Stone. Grahams Grocers was established in 1793. Arnison Drapers was establihed 1742., also here is the George Hotel 300 years old and a 3 star hotel. Just of the Square is the parish church of St Andrew. At the other side of the Square are pleasant side streets. One is Angel Lane were i found The Chippie, were i partook Fish and Chips in the upstairs Dinning room.---- There is a museum in the old Robinson School building ,which is from 1670 ,established to educate poor girls,continued for 300 years. ---In a street called Corn market i saw the Corn Market ,which as its name suggests corn was sold in the old days.--------------------------------------------- Market days are Tuesday and Saturday.-------------Train from Carlisle takes 14 minutes.-------------- Bus number 104 takes 55 minutes.----------Penrith is 30 miles ( 48 km ) from the Scottish border at Gretna Green, where people used to run away to ,to get married at the Blacksmiths anvil. ( I"m to old to run ).---------------Still Penrith was a nice day out.------------- Next day at home it was heavy rain all day.------------CLICK ON SMALL PHOTOS FOR INFO.DSCN1050.JPGDSCN1036.JPG0a8c3a40-dec0-11e9-9b65-9fe6f5afa198.JPG33de8920-dec0-11e9-9b65-9fe6f5afa198.JPGDSCN1039.JPG52af5460-dec0-11e9-9b65-9fe6f5afa198.JPGDSCN1042.JPGDSCN1043.JPGDSCN1044.JPGaee919f0-dec0-11e9-9b65-9fe6f5afa198.JPGDSCN1048.JPGDSCN1046.JPGDSCN1047.JPGDSCN1049.JPGDSCN1051.JPGDSCN1052.JPGDSCN1053.JPGDSCN1054.JPG3ea27780-dec1-11e9-9b65-9fe6f5afa198.JPGDSCN1056.JPGDSCN1058.JPGDSCN1061.JPG Penrith is in the Eden Valley Cumbria.

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